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At JoeScan, we recognize, value and support each team member. As JoeScan grows, we seek innovative team members who are committed to helping us thrive. If you are an outside-of-the-box thinker who enjoys working in a small team environment, we want to hear from you.


Open Positions

Software Engineer

Mid to Senior Level

Are you stuck working on some minor sub-widget, or a feature that most of the product’s users won’t even know exists? Even if yours is the best sub-widget in its class, you likely find it hard to remain enthused about your work, day after day, meeting after meeting. This lack of enthusiasm may be fine if you’re just looking for a paycheck. At JoeScan, we think most people want more. We think most of us want to grow, to become better than we are today, and to hone our skills and abilities to become amazing.


Let us present an alternative. Consider working for JoeScan. JoeScan develops and manufactures networked machine vision sensors that combine lasers and cameras to make precise 3-D measurements, with other related products in the pipeline. Our market is in sawmill automation, a fun and fast-paced industry full of friendly people and tough challenges.


JoeScan works at everything from printed circuit board design to embedded Linux with custom drivers, all the way up to C#/.NET/C bindings, API documentation, and tutorials.


What it takes

Base Skills:

  • Developing .Net/C#/C software, including 3-D rendering and complex CAD-like interfaces

  • High performance TCP/IP networking

  • Design and evolution of APIs in C#

  • Developing shell/python scripts and software to automate in-house build and product assembly and testing processes

  • Mathematical modeling and evaluation of data using tools like scipy or matlab/octave

  • Product marketing, sales, customer support, documentation, and the occasional on-site training (we have customers all over the world).


Bonus Skills:

  • Embedded Linux, porting to custom hardware, and developing custom drivers

  • Verilog / SOC / FPGA design. Real hardware, where bits are flip-flops, concurrency is the norm, and real-time means nanoseconds

  • Design and layout of custom PCBs

  • Design and evolution of APIs in C/C++

  • Embedded and desktop C/C++, with plenty of TCP/IP networking

  • Application of Machine Vision, Machine Learning, and computational geometry (aka applied linear algebra)

  • Foreign Language


We’re looking for someone who will bring a handful of the skills outlined in the above list, who is ready to contribute at a high level, and is willing to learn more as the need arises. At minimum, the successful candidate will meet the following requirements:


  • BS or MS in Computer Science or Engineering

  • Several years of work experience

  • Strong track-record of achievement, evidenced by source code from projects you’ve worked on


Sure it sounds fun, but don’t be fooled. This can be tough stuff. You will often times find yourself working at the very edges of your capability, and you will make mistakes. As long as you learn and improve, it will pay off. When you’ve had your hands in the crafting of practically every aspect of a product and hear a customer tell you how much they love your product, it is an experience that sticks with you. And if you keep at it you will become amazing. (Keep in mind that there is a good chance you will face a problem that is best solved with a hacksaw. We’re not referring to some software metaphor or cleverly named toolkit. We mean an actual metal cutting hacksaw, so be ready for it.)


About the team

JoeScan is a small, profitable, and growing company that develops and manufactures machine vision measurement devices for sawmills and other industrial applications. JoeScan develops products that improve ease of use, lower the cost, and enable even wider use of machine vision technology for industrial and manufacturing customers. We have a strong track record and a great reputation in our industry.


We pay well, have excellent benefits, including medical, dental, disability, and a super-auto espresso maker stocked with Compass Coffee and other fine local roasts. Our offices have a shower, so biking to work, or going out for mid-day run will be made more pleasant (particularly for those working in close proximity to the mid-day runners). We are located in Vancouver, but have employees commuting from as far away as Hillsboro.


We use source control and bug-tracking. We do code reviews. We have an automated build system with continuous integration. We try to make smart use of the best tools and processes, but we are not rigid adherents of a particular methodology.

How to apply

Please send resumes to In the body of your email, briefly tell us about your favorite engineering project and why it was your favorite.


To be considered and to make sure you read this all the way to the end, reference the name of your favorite Futurama character in the subject line of your application email.



Check back later for more career opportunities with JoeScan.

What Our Team Members Say

"The family friendly and employee-centered work environment has made working at JoeScan a rewarding and fun place to work. The time and money the company invests in team building and personal growth makes me feel valued."

Jackie, Operations Manager

"I’m proud to work for JoeScan – my colleagues are respectful and understanding. These qualities allow for a friendly environment that fosters an individual's growth."

Samuel, Electrical Engineer

"I truly love my job and look forward to the work I get to do everyday."

Brad, Marketing Manager