The JoeScan advantage is easy to sum up: Our scan heads are reliable, easy to use and backed by a 5-year warranty + a 10-year product support policy to protect against obsolescence.

  • Products

    3-D laser scanning has revolutionized the wood products industry. Scanning and profiling logs and boards with non-contact laser measurement is a major breakthrough, allowing mills to optimize their cutting decisions and maximize yield. JoeScan® scanners offer the best of ingenuity and technology. Every JoeScan JS-25 scan head is simple to install, easy to use and built tough for maximum reliability.

  • Our Story

    The first generation of 3-D laser scanners for sawmills were complex, unreliable and expensive. In the great American tradition, someone decided there had to be a better way – and then built it. That’s how JoeScan started, and that same principle drives us to continue improving laser scanning. View our Company Profile for a brief snapshot of our story, products and industry applications.

  • Support

    JoeScan strives to provide exceptional support and documentation for all our products. Toward that goal, we’ve made all our documentation, software, and libraries available to you. If you have an inquiry, our knowledgeable Support team responds quickly and values your feedback about how we can better support you. With JoeScan, you gain a true partner – not just another vendor.


JS-25 X6B Carriage Scanner

The JS-25 X6B is a high-performance, six-laser scanner, specifically designed for high-density, snapshot-scanning of logs on carriage headrigs. Each JS-25 X6B scan head can be mounted end-to-end to scan any length of log on six-inch spacing. The JS-25 X6B was designed to make it easy for optimizers and sawmills to upgrade obsolete carriage scanning systems, often reusing the existing scan frame. Learn more.


Sawmill Focused

Sawmills are JoeScan's priority, not an afterthought. We are sawmill industry experts, and we design and manufacture our scan heads with sawmills in mind. We're happy to hear your ideas about new scanning applications within the sawmill industry and discuss their feasibility, cost and potential ROI. Here are a few examples of scanning applications in sawmills:

  • Transverse
  • Lineal
  • Short infeed
  • Bucking
  • Carriages
  • Sharp-chains
  • Gangs
  • Edgers
  • Planers
  • ...and more

Download a sales sheet (PDF) for the JS-25.