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Joey Nelson JoeScan

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Joey Nelson learned about the benefits and difficulties of sawmill optimization from an early age.

After studying engineering at Washington State University, he founded JoeScan in 1999 with the goal of making scanning easier to use, more reliable, and more affordable. In the twenty years since, Joey has continued to raise the bar for 3D laser scanning in sawmills, introducing innovative new scanners with an industry-leading warranty. Today JoeScan scanners can be found in over 400 sawmills across six continents, and Joey is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on sawmill scanning.

In his free time, Joey enjoys playing guitar, running, and spending time with his family.

Blake Defrance JoeScan

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Blake joined JoeScan in 2020 as Senior Business Development Manager.

Along with a Bachelors degree at Eastern Washington University and an MBA from the University of Portland, Blake has 20 years of industrial automation experience in sensors, machine vision, and motion control.  He is responsible for understanding what our saw mill customers need now and what they need next.

In his spare time, Blake enjoys fly fishing, mountain biking, Northwest wine, and skiing with his family – but never simultaneously.

Jackie McGeehan JoeScan

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Jackie joined JoeScan in 2016. Her responsibilities include all aspects of accounting, purchasing of raw materials, and processing and scheduling customers’ orders. Jackie is also responsible for taking care of JoeScan’s most important resource – the employees. If you aren’t sure who to speak with, start with Jackie. If it’s not her, she’ll know where to direct you.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University. She has worked in educational software design, commercial real estate, construction, chemical manufacturing, and in a recording studio. However, the hardest job she ever had was as a Commercial Fisherman in Southwest Alaska, which she did for too many years to count.

In her spare time, Jackie spends time reading (mostly fiction), practicing her accuracy at the shooting range, and spending time with friends and family.

Brad Michael JoeScan

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Brad was thrilled to join the JoeScan team in 2018. He brings with him a swiss-army marketer’s skill set, with experience in everything from copywriting to email & web design to social media management and strategy.

As the marketing manager, Brad’s number one goal is to tell the world all about JoeScan’s amazing people and products. He is responsible for the overall marketing strategy and budget, as well as all of the outward facing materials and messaging for the team, including our website, our social media channels, printed materials and handouts, print and digital advertising, and our presence at tradeshows and industry conferences. He also acts as JoeScan’s in-house motion, graphic, and digital designer.

In his free time, Brad loves to write science fiction novels and doom metal rock operas, to collect vinyl records and Warhammer 40K Space Marines, and to hit the trails with his wife and daughters.

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Hi, I’m Ashton Cervantes, and I work as an assembly tech at JoeScan. I love creating and building things with my own hands, and I take pride in paying attention to detail and solving complex problems. My team appreciates my contributions, and I feel fulfilled knowing that my work is making a difference.

In my free time, I enjoy pursuing some of my favorite hobbies, such as working on my car and playing video games. I love to immerse myself in these activities, and I find that they help me relax and unwind after a busy day. Additionally, spending time with my family is incredibly important to me. There’s nothing better than bonding with loved ones and making lasting memories.

Finally, I’m always seeking out new information and challenging myself to learn more. I think it’s important to constantly be growing and improving, both personally and professionally. With my dedication and passion, I’m confident that I can continue to achieve great things and make a positive impact on the world around me.

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I love my job at Joescan. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that it feels like a family. Also I love knowing that everyone who uses JoeScan scanners has a product that I was a part of building with the team.

In my free time, I love movies and online gaming, especially playing in Call of Duty tournaments. I also enjoy cooking and exploring different foods and flavors. At the same time, I like relaxing or just hanging out listening to music.

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In 2023, Jack embarked on his professional journey with JoeScan, initially joining as an intern before transitioning into the role of Junior Software Engineer. Guided by Senior Engineers, Jack has contributed to various projects, spanning from the improvement of tools that facilitate our product manufacturing process to the design and maintenance of our database.

Jack’s passion for engineering was nurtured from an early age, instilled by the support of his father and grandfather. Their influence propelled him to explore his interests, ultimately leading him to discover the realm of Computer Science, which swiftly became the focal point of his intellectual pursuits. This dedication culminated in the attainment of his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science, complemented by a minor in Mathematics from Oregon State University.

During his free time, Jack enjoys rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers, and going on hikes through the breathtaking landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge.


Jason joined JoeScan in 2014 as a Software Engineer. In 2017, he was appointed the Vice President of Engineering. In his current role, Jason manages engineering, oversees product development and contributes to strategic direction.

Jason started his career at Aculight (now Lockheed Martin Aculight), where he led numerous technology development programs in solid state lasers and nonlinear optics. The success of these programs led him to cofound a spin-out company, nLight, with colleagues from Aculight. At nLight, Jason held a series of technical and management roles in R&D, product development and business unit management. He was instrumental in helping the company raise venture capital from leading firms and growing the company to over 400 employees.

Jason received his B.S. in Physics from the UCSB and his M.S. in Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences from the CU Boulder. He has co-chaired technical conferences, been a principal investigator on numerous government programs, authored technical papers and is an inventor on over 20 patents.

Kelvin McDonald JoeScan

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Having joined the JoeScan team in 2019 as a Software Engineer, Kelvin brings technical expertise from his previous work at a Fortune 50 company. He contributes to the feature set, stability, and ease-of-use of both the hardware and software codebases, and carries along a certain joie de vivre that is known to be infectious.

Kelvin has always had a fascination for learning, creating, and problem solving. As a kid, he would build, tear down, and assemble something new from every Mega Bloks/Lego/Erector/K’Nex set that he could get his hands on. This passion led him to get a B.S. in Embedded Systems Engineering and A.S. degrees in both Hardware and Software Engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology.

You can catch Kelvin out on the soccer pitch, drumming to Rush, or playing games in his spare time. He and his wife, Vanessa, also enjoy ballroom dancing, restaurant-ing, and playing with their two doodle dogs.


I am a loving and loyal individual who is passionate about my family, friends and career.

With 21+ years of experience in manufacturing, I have developed a reputation for dedication and my focus on quality Whether I am working on the floor or learning new things at work or in life. I am dedicated to putting out quality product at every turn and committed to learning new and exciting things here at JoeScan and being a part of the company’s growth.

Matthew Fitzgerald JoeScan

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Matthew joined JoeScan in 2016 as an Assembly Technician. His duties include assembly, calibration, testing, and repair of scan heads.

Matthew has been working on electronics since 2001 when he joined the US Navy and was trained as a electronics technician. He was responsible for keeping the radio and navigation equipment in proper working order aboard the USS Ingraham. After his time in the Navy, he continued to pursue a career in electronics.

Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, hiking, photography, and tinkering around the house in his spare time.

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Mich joined JoeScan in 2023 as a Software Engineer. His love for video games led him to the path of software development. Early in his career, he discovered his true passion was to use his programming skills to have a positive impact on people in the real world.

Since 2006, his goal of helping others lead him through varying sectors of software development, including game engines, commercial kitchen software, home baking mobile apps, and augmented reality assistance software.

Mich is excited to have the privilege to create tools for the JoeScan assembly team, as well as improve the software products for integrators and sawmill end-users. Since JoeScan provides the best sawmill scanning solutions, Mich is able to best at what he does.

Outside of JoeScan, Mich’s greatest joy in life is spending time with his wife and children. Whether it’s watching professional wrestling, playing games, creating polymer clay art, or analyzing horror movies, everything is more enjoyable with his family.

Misty Caamal JoeScan

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I have a degree of hard knocks and actively continue my education in this method of learning. I welcome the hardships and mistakes made due to the opportunity it gives to learn. It has made me who I am today.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys who are my partners in crime and my biggest accomplishment. I have dabbled in many things from working the fast food industry as a manager, a few years in the semiconductor industry as a lead, R&D and industrial laser assembly as a technician, lead and supervisor, owning my own business for 10 plus years and now feeling blessed to be here at JoeScan as the R&D Senior Technician.

I am what I like to call a fixer, I think outside the box and look forward to what life brings me next.

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Tiffany joined JoeScan in 2021 as an Administrative Assistant. Her duties include, but not limited to data entry, assisting in accounting, receiving, keeping office in order, to keep up the company morale. She brings with her a diverse skill set that includes experience in customer service and bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish.

In her free time, Tiffany loves spending time with her husband and her family, enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us here in the Northwest.  She also, enjoys listening to music and reading inspirational books.