JS-50 WX


Our latest dual-camera scanner brings next generation speed and data density to your sawmill. Both lineal and transverse applications pose no problems for JS-50 WX. A versatile scanning envelope ensures that this model delivers great results across your entire mill.

JS-25 X6B


The X6B is a six-laser scanner specifically designed for high-density, snapshot-scanning of logs on Carriage Headrigs and boards, flitches, and cants on Lineal Edgers. Two different standoff configurations are available, with additional variants possible by request.

Classic Models


These may not be our newest scanners, but they still offer great value, performance, and reliability. Classic model JoeScans make for affordable and easy upgrades that can greatly extend the life of your scanning system.



The most commonly asked questions about JoeScan and our 3D laser scanners for sawmills.